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2022 Annual Birthday Tea: Communication and Personality in Pride & Prejudice

Date: December 3, 2022

Time: 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Venue: The Fortnightly of Chicago, 120 East Bellevue Place, Chicago,  IL, 60611-1112

Cost: $65

Parking: Valet parking @ 100 E Bellevue for $17


Presentation Overview:

Austen is the queen of compelling and realistic dialogue in her literature. Have you ever wondered why some conversations go very very badly and some go very very well? Even between the same characters? Let’s take a minute to evaluate how the various personalities of these characters influence their communication styles and the reception of those styles by their conversation partners. What could Mr. Darcy have done differently in that first proposal? Could Lady Catherine have gotten her way with Elizabeth in that prettyish little wilderness?  We will use the same methods for assessing personality styles and developing communication strategies that corporations use today to build effective teams and achieve improved results. We may also find out that (no surprise) Jane knew what she was doing hundreds of years before all those expensive corporate consultants rolled onto the scene!


Speaker Bio:

Jennifer Swenson has been a lifelong admirer of Jane Austen and has been a JASNA GCR member since 2015. In 2018, Jennifer became Program Director for the GCR region. Additionally, she served as the 2021 AGM co-coordinator and continues to support the national JASNA AGM planning committee. Jennifer has significant professional experience in project management and has held a variety of leadership roles in the Aerospace industry.  She has extensive experience in professional team building and using personality profiles to develop effective communication strategies in the workplace. She has three rowdy teenage boys and a husband that is the closest thing to Mr. Darcy this world has to offer.