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Anna [Austen/Lefroy] liked it better than P. & P.—but not so well as S.& S.—could not bear Fanny.—Delighted with Mrs. Norris, the scene at Portsmouth, & all the humourous parts.—

"Opinions of Mansfield Park" in Minor Works, Chapman Edition

In a somewhat unusual response, we learn that niece Anna liked Mansfield Park better than Pride and Prejudice. Interesting since in her letter of August 17, 1814, Austen suggested that Anna omit one part of her own story because, . . .?

It might be taken as too critical of Mansfield Park.
The character in that part is too much like Mrs. Norris.
The part might be seen as an imitation of Pride and Prejudice.
One minor character is rather like Anna's father (James).