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by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

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My dear Caroline

I wish I could finish Stories as fast as you can.—I am much obliges to you for the sight of Olivia, & think you have done for her very well; but the good for nothing Father, who was the real author of all her Faults & Sufferings, should not escape unpunished.—I hope he hung himself, . . . or underwent some direful penance or other.—

Almost the whole of a letter to Caroline Austen, 6 December, 1814

Quite a few of Austen's existing letters are addressed to nieces who have literary ambitions. Interestingly, Austen doesn't often take her own advice in this letter but allows her heels and cads to "escape unpunished." For example, Willoughby ends up rich with a pretty good life enjoying his dogs and horses. Under the law of Austen's time, in which of the following pairs would the former have been likely to be awarded substantial monetary damages from the later?

Mr. Bennet from Mr. Wickham
Sir Walter from Mr. Elliot
James Morland from Captain Tilney
Mr. Rushworth from Henry Crawford