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Delighted with her progress, and fearful of wearying her with too much wisdom at once, Henry ... by an easy transition ... to oaks in general, to forests, the enclosure of them, waste lands, crown lands and government, he shortly found himself arrived at politics; and from politics, it was an easy step to silence.

Northanger Abbey

A bit later in the Beechen Cliff scene, Eleanor Tilney tells Henry that if he doesn't explain, Catherine will think him 'intolerably rude to his sister', and 'a great brute' in his 'opinion of women in general.' Near the end of the novel, how does Eleanor contribute to the general's relenting to permit the marriage of Catherine and Henry?

She explains that Catherine will actually have a large wedding portion.
She berates the General in front of important visitors to the Abbey.
She rides through the village covered only by her long flowing hair.
She brings a title to the family by marrying and becoming a Vicountess.