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by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

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One Evening in December as my Father, my Mother and myself, were arranged in social converse round our Fireside, we were on a sudden greatly astonished, by hearing a violent knocking on the outward door of our rustic Cot.

Love and Freindship

Given this quote in a letter from Laura to Marianne, one is tempted to ask a question focusing on Austen's peculiar use of a reflexive pronoun in a nominative slot, an unfortunate bit of British English which has persisted to the present day. Of course, just between you and "I", "ME" and my fellow speakers of American English all use pronouns perfectly. Let's settle for this question—who was the "violent knocker?"

Laura's soldier brother returned from the Napoleonic Wars.
The family's vicar with a severe wound delivered by a highwayman.
The most beauteous and amiable Youth Laura had ever beheld.
Lord Broughton from the manor demanding Laura's hand.