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by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

Today's Quote

I like a fine prospect, but not on picturesque principles. I do not like crooked, twisted, blasted trees. I admire them much more if they are tall, straight, and flourishing. I do not like ruined, tattered cottages. . . .

Marianne looked with amazement at Edward, with compassion at her sister. Elinor only laughed.

Sense and Sensibility

This occasion of Marianne's "amazement" at Edward's lack of taste for the "picturesque" is Edward's first visit to Barton Cottage. What else of importance happened on this same day?

Marianne is rude to Sir John and Mrs. Jennings who called.
Edward lies about where he got the ring with hair set in it.
Marianne tries to hide her feelings for Willoughby from Edward.
Sir John makes fun of Elinor about this being "the" Mr. F.