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Quotes selected and edited and quizzes created
by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

Today's Quote

The Pickfords are in Bath & have called here.—She is the most elegant looking Woman I have seen since I left Martha—He is as raffish in his appearance as I would wish every Disciple of Godwin to be.

From May 22nd portion—Letter to Cassandra, 21-22 May, 1801

The quote for May 22nd comes from an Austen letter written on that day in 1801. It mentions a "Disciple of Godwin." To whom is Austen referring?

Michael Godwin, creator of "Godwin's Law."
William Godwin, radical, novelist, and father of Mary Shelley.
William Godwin, journalist for the London Morning Chronicle.
Edward Godwin, English architect who favored the Gothic.