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Quote Quiz
Quotes selected and edited and quizzes created
by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

Today's Quote

My dear Aunt Cassandra,

Papa is much obliged to you for ordering the scrubby firs to be cut down; I think he was rather frightened at first about the great oak. Fanny quite believed it, for she exclaimed 'Dear me, what a pity, how could they be so stupid!'

Letter to Cassandra from her niece Elizabeth Knight, included in a letter from Jane October 21st 1813, which begins, "I think Lizzy's letter will entertain you."

Today's quote might remind Austen readers of an occasion in one of the novels when a woman in Austen is concerned about the possible cutting down of trees. Which of the following is such a "concerned" character?

Catherine in Northanger Abbey
Anne in Persuasion
Harriet in Emma
Fanny in Mansfield Park